How to Get a Quote to Transport a Vehicle in Australia

Every day, thousands of cars are moved from one place to another in Australia. Therefore, as a car owner. transporting a car is one of the tasks that you will need to carry out inevitably at one point or another in your life. However, there are many choices for how to get your car from one place to another, and yet, driving may not be the best option for you. In such cases, you find that many clients opt for a more practical solution-working with a car transport service. But how do you get a car transport quote? This article explains in greater detail how to prepare and eventually, get car transport quotes.

Process of Getting Car Moving Quotes

  • Preparation

You need to be deliberate about shipping your car because it may be a lengthy process and you need to find the best company for your needs. During the time that you are preparing for your move, you need to know the methods available and how each of them could benefit or inconvenience you. Note that there are different prices and delivery times for different companies.

There are two types of transport modes used by car shipping companies. The first is open multi-car carriages. If you choose this type of transport mode, your car will be transported together with approximately 10 other cars in an open-air carry transport vehicle. This type of carriers are readily available and preferred by many because they are affordable than enclosed carriers.

There are enclosed carriers and just as the name suggests, the vehicles are enclosed in the carrier. As such, your car is not exposed to the elements like it would be on an open carrier. While the prices for such a carrier would be high, your vehicle is protected from the elements and your car will get to its destination in a shorter time. This happens because, unlike open carriers, closed carriers have fewer vehicles in them. If you are expecting a car freight quote for enclosed carriers, expect it to be significantly higher.

Most people who opt for enclosed transport own expensive, vintage and classic cars that would need to be protected from the elements that would cause damage. Before getting your transport car quote, ensure that your car is in working order as part of the preparation. Also, ensure that you are insured and that the shipping company you choose is as well.

  1. Car Shipping Quotes  to assist Budgeting

As we have stated above, there are situations in which shipping your car might be costly. However, there are different ways to help you save on costs. You need to shop around for quotes before settling on one to ensure that you are getting the best deal.

If you choose to go the old school way, you would use a directory and phone every company. However, things are always changing and how people get moving car quotes has evolved.

With a site such as Moving Cars, you can compare hundreds of transport quotes from different companies across Australia in just a few steps.

You may have to wait longer than you may have initially estimated because of unavoidable circumstances such as weather, breakdowns and closed roads. Companies often tell car owners about such delays but will strive to ensure your car is delivered on time.